Hardware and Software

If you are planning to build your own computer then you will need various components. You will also need a set of tools to assemble all parts together. A good thing about a computer is that most of its parts are designed in such a way that you are unlikely to connect a part or device to the wrong slot. In fact, you also cannot attach a connector from the wrong side. Before buying any parts, it is important to decide the configuration of your computer. If you need higher configuration with lots of processing power, memory and storage space then you should be ready to pay more for wordpress web hosting uk.

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Things You Will Need to Build Your Computer

If you are building a basic PC then you need following items. The external essential components include the keyboard, mouse and monitor. You will need a computer case to house all essential components of the computer. These essential components installed inside the computer case include motherboard, CPU, hard drive, memory, DVD writer, and SMPS power supply system. If the motherboard that you select does not have built-in video card and sound card then you will have to buy these items separately. You may need some additional cables to connect your hard drive and other peripherals to the computer.

Buy For the Purpose

First decide for what purpose you need the computer. If you need a simple home computer then the above mentioned components at low configuration is the maximum that you need. However, if you need computer for tasks that require lots of storage space and processing power then you will have to buy components with higher configuration. Maximum configuration is needed if you will be using your computer for gaming or complex business tasks. When you choose more powerful components then you will have to select same level of other components. For example, you can use higher RAM only when you have a motherboard that can support it. For this reason, you should always decide the specifications of components before buying anything.


A computer is a combination of hardware and software. You need different types of software for different purposes. First of all, you will need motherboard software which comes on the CD with the motherboard itself. Then you will need an operating system software like Windows or Linux. Then you have to install application programs that will allow you to perform various tasks. There are thousands of applications programs but for general usage you will need only a basic set of programs. These programs are categorized as office management, antivirus and Internet browser. Additionally, you may want to install nifty programs like PDF reader, file conversion, download manager, among many others. You have to install drivers of all hardware devices connected to the computer. Always remember that application programs can be used only with particular operating system software and specific versions.

Once you have assembled all the hardware components together then you will be able to power and boot your computer. After the computer boots up then you can install the operating system software, motherboard software, drivers and application programs. Now you are ready to use your computer.